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Interacta Design Oy

User interface design

We are specialized in designing effective user interfaces as a tool for requirements gathering and digital innovations.

Requirements gathering and concept design

Applying our GUIDe design methodology, we are able to create added value that can change the user's way of acting dramatically. The innovations come into daylight by means of user studies (esp. field studies). In addition, We describe the user's interaction as series of screenshots which are finished by a visual designer.

Quick Goal-Derived Design (GDD) reduces risks and unnecessary change requests.


Usability testing

By testing the system with real cases, we find out problems that prevent the users from fully capitalizing on the system. Having found the problems, we redesign the problematic interaction, and test it by usage simulations.

Training and consultation

We offer corporate training and consultation services on user interface and concept design, user studies and usability reviews, tailored according to demand.